Sometimes I'm flying around and get the bug to write... So launch probes, hit cloak, and enjoy.

Razorien, Signal Cartel pilot and Astrophotographer

Looking for a Holoreel to pass the time while scanning, mining, or F1-button-pushing? Eve-Scout Enclave [SC0UT] capsuleer Razorien creates and delivers the best photo-journalism content in New Eden. Razorien uses a combination of personally-upgraded camera drones, a custom (and well-kept secret) post-processing suite, and a naturally artistic flair to capture and present visions of New Eden’s many environments as well as some of the most dramatic battles and events in the cluster.

Here’s his recent work during the Imperium’s Anger Games:

Anger Games 2, Day 3

The Anger Games. By Razorien EVE

Anything may catch Razorien’s eye and become the subject of his attention, be it a lonely wreck in the recently colonized Thera system, or the majesty and pomp of Avatar titans during the coronation of Amarr Empress Catiz I.


Ghostly wreckage in Thera. By Razorien EVE

Coronation of Empress Catiz I

Avatar titans, in service to the Empress. By Razorien EVE

I was able to track down a source who claimed to know someone in the boutique drone electronics shop Razorien uses to get his customized camera drones fabricated:

“He came to them with precise specs, a parts list ready, the extra shielding requirements laid out, and the name of the optics supplier he wanted to use. He didn’t want a fuss and didn’t act like a prima donna. And honestly when a guy like Razorien comes knocking, it’s worth the extra effort cause he’s just so good. You don’t want your work to diminish his.”

Unrivaled Access to Live Warfare

Warfare between empires, factions, and alliances is a fact of life for all capsuleers, whether involved on the front lines or dealing with the effects and aftermath of these titanic struggles. For those of us who aren’t outward bound in an invading fleet or defense force, these violent episodes can seem distant and incomprehensible. Razorien’s work takes us right to the middle of the action and gives perspective to the reports coming from The Scope and other news outlets.

Due to his position of neutrality (Razorien is a member of EvE-Scout’s Enclave’s largest corporation, Signal Cartel [1420.], whose members’ commitment to neutrality is written into the corporate charter) and his reputation as a journalist, Razorien has been able to document - often embedded by invitation - some of the largest and most intense battles in the last few years. For example, Razorien was present for the battle over the M-OEE8 Keepstar, and YC119’s Burn Jita campaign:


The Pandemic Legion Typhoon Fleet attacking the M-OEE8 Keepstar. By Razorien EVE, courtesy of EN24

Burn Jita

A mammoth Obelisk freighter makes a run for it while Jita burns. By Razorien EVE

Most any other neutral pilot in these same conflict zones would have their ship quickly destroyed and be taking the “pod express” back to their medical clone station. Razorien’s - and Signal Cartel’s - reputation is something not to be taken for granted. On his work and his role in New Eden, Signal Cartel CEO Mynxee had this to say:

Due to the nature of his work as an “embedded astrophotographer”, Razorien is in a position of special responsibility to uphold our Credo and represent Signal Cartel honorably. He has never let us down and continues to be one of our highest profile “Signal boosters” in the cluster. We are extremely proud of his work!

Serious Journalism

While reels of quiet nebula-filled vistas, or the shocking violence of a 1000-capsuleer fight over a valuable citadel capture the imagination, Razorien’s work is critical in helping us connect to the harsh realities of life and death in the cluster. The recent Kyonoke outbreak left millions upon millions dead, and brought the Society of Conscious Thought (now led by Elder Mentor Matshi Raish) back into the public eye as the Society constructed a colossal research facility (an Upwell Keepstar-class citadel) next to one of the outbreak sites.

Kyonoke Plague

Astral Mining's RP4 mining facility, now home only to the virulent Kyonoke Plague. By Razorien EVE

Razorien made his way to Postouvin, to the scene of desperation that is the RP4 mining facility and created a visual testament to the brutality of the Kyonoke pathogen and the terrifying threat it has been to citizens in every corner of New Eden. Though a cure was developed during the Inquest, and the facility is evacuated of survivors of the horrors on the Plague, it is now a silent graveyard - haunted only by Federal and SoCT investigators draped in protective shrouds against the still-mystifying disease.

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