I’m docked in Zoohen, relaxing in the CQ with 5-6 emptied cups of coffee, enjoying the slight buzz and researching the Stiletto hull that hovers in the hangar on the other side of the transparent partition. I’ve been flying the GhostSight through wormhole space for a couple of months, and while it’s always a rush I’m itching for a temporary change of scenery. I’ve got my eye on Venal, an area of Gurista-controlled space where I have a few contacts from my old pirate corp. The Guristas themselves generally leave me alone as long as I’m not making a nuisance of myself.

So I reached out to some other Signaleers and it was recommended that I look at an interceptor for traveling and hacking - er, “archaeology” - in Null security space. I’ve flown ‘ceptors before so I have the skills trained; instead of the lumpy, combat focused Taranis I’d flown in my early pirate days, this time I’ve purchased the sprightly Minmatar vessel.

The Stiletto got an overhaul in the last few years - it’s now nearly symmetrical and honestly, beautiful. There’s still a slight patina of oxidation over her lines, but I’m convinced it’s more the recent designers’ desire to hold on to the Minmatar self-sufficient aesthetic rather than actual surface damage to the hull.

So I’m researching and considering the pros and cons of this new hull class for exploration and hacking. I’ve grown used to GhostSight’s built-in electronics and cryptographic matrix upgrades which boost my infiltration virus’ strength by a whopping 10 points. Even with my expertise in cryptographic archaeology, breaking into the ancient protective systems in a Crystal Quarry would be a challenge with the lowered virus strength if I started flying the interceptor.

All that being said, there was a big point to be made that the GhostSight turned like a Fedo and took forever to get into warp. This wasn’t that big a deal until The surprise! Cloaky Proteus was trying to lock you. Also, out here in no-security space, mobile warp disruptors were a thing, and the Helios, while often able to stay cloaked, was utterly helpless and brittle if uncloaked inside a bubble.

So for traveling in Null, an interceptor was just the thing. I finally found a fit I liked - not as expensive as some (you ‘Zeugma’ addicts know who you are) - and sent a contract to a corpmate for the modules I’d need.

The only thing left is a name.

Select Ship...

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the Slipstream