I’ve been sitting in a Class 2 Anoikis system, in no hurry to go anywhere special. Every so often I pop probes and check out any new sgnatures: might be an interesting connection or site. Today I found a new C3 connection, jumped through, and after bookmarking the exit (thanks Allison) I safed up and started scanning.

Gas cloud, yawn

Wormhole… Resolve the signature, bookmarked.

Relic site… Hm, could be interesting. Resolve the signature a bit… Ruined Blood Raiders Temple. Good! Haven’t run across a pirate “archaeology” site in a few days. I finished resolving the sig and saved the location, and continued scanning.

Relic site… Ok, this is nice. Focus probes some… Angel Crystal Quarry. Excellent! Good chance of some nice loot there. Resolve, bookmark.

Relic site… Blood Raider Temple. It’s a good day - I haven’t had more than two sites in a wormhole in ages… this system must have had a series of good connections to low security space at some point in it’s long history for several pirate factions to set up shop here. I save the location and start on the last signature of the day.

Relic site… If I was Amarr I’d be offering thanks to God for this hole. Blood Raider Crystal Quarry. YES. This could be an excellent day, assuming the ever-present cloaky Proteus (every relic hunter’s boogeyman) doesn’t decide to ruin it. Resolve the sig some more, save the location.

I warp to the single wormhole and after consulting the sensors, work out the connection tag and make a note that it’s connecting to Null-security space. Not sure I’m interested in leaving Anoikis any time soon, so I won’t be taking this connection, but I save the location just in case.

Time to play…